Andree Verleger

Andree Verleger is a media kinetic artist, show-developer and creator and CEO of ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG

"An idea begins with a thought, which must be nurtured. The product of creativity is thinking. If you envision it in a  different way you become a creator of the future." 

"Think big! Think unique! Make it work! Rediscover things anew!”

This is the credo of media artist, creative director and show director Andree Verleger. His name comes up regularly when dealing with large productions, whether in China, the United Arab Emirates, Russia or the United States.
He belongs to an inner circle of those responsible for larger-than-life show experiences, an example shown at the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Or to the creative team that designed the unforgettable opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Verleger and his team are brought on board by world governments, agencies and TV stations. Each individual project define and determine whether it be a leading position, or as part of a larger team.

Andree is an all-rounder, an "all-inclusive package and can be appointed to all divisions. Storytelling, film creation, and film production as well as musical composition are among the creative fields in which Andree involves himself, he specifies what he wants and insists on delivery.
Verleger has a keen understanding of technical issues and solutions. Kinetics, lighting design, sound design, and robotics are a part of his repertoire. As creative director at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing his vast knowledge was required and he acted as a bridge between creation and technicians.

Andree is especially passionate on discussing music; it is where his roots lie. "The eyes see what the ears allow."

"Never seen before!" is what Andree strives for, a goal he sets for himself and one which clients request of him. Each show, whatever the size, must offer something new and inspiring. This is the case with every endeavor and each situation.“

Always on the go, Andree rarely remains in one place for too long. In the "global scene," his dealing with media and technical design options is considered "Verleger’s Signature.“
"You realize very quickly whether a creation sets new trends or not," he says. "If you're copied, then you have created a trend." In China, Andree has learned to deal with this fact.

His upcoming projects are very exciting, currently he is working on the most futuristic installation show in the world.
With the Jülich Research Center for Neural Cognitive Science, the art project touch a thought emerges. Verleger will print intangible thought signets into three dimensional sculptures.

All future endeavors will make room for innovative ideas and solutions. "I’ve always enjoy pushing the boundaries," says Verleger.